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  1. Moving On To Bigger And Better Things
  2. A Good Start
  3. One Week Later
  4. "Obsidian Slayer"
  5. "Conqueror of Naxxramas"
  6. Better Late Than Never
  7. "Twilight Vanquisher"
  8. "of the Nightfall"
  9. It Returns!
  10. PTR Is Fun
  11. Ulduar...Harder Than Expected
  12. Are You Suprised?
  13. Doin' Work
  14. Next Up: Hard Modes
  15. We Suck at Taking Screenshots
  16. No Lightning Charge, No Problem
  17. Shadow Crash Ain't Got Shit On Us
  18. She's Not So Hot Anymore
  19. Do NOT Stand in the Green Beam
  20. Nerfed Content is Nerfed (Fires Have Been Fought)
  21. Your Planet Will Be Spared
  22. State of the Guild Vol XIXIXIMAMAAAA
  23. NCA: 1 - Raid Attrition: 0
  24. Same Content: Round 2
  25. Unsuccessful Attempts Remaining: 3
  26. A Tribute to Internet...errr...Insanity
  27. Scraping By
  28. Illegal Mods Strike Again
  29. Wing 3
  30. Defile On Me
  31. Heroic Modes: Week 1
  32. Finishing Up
  33. One Hundred Three Million
  34. Who Needs Shadowmourne?
  35. 240 Systolic, 130 Diastolic
  36. Recruiting for Cataclysm
  37. Back to Business
  38. Still Recruiting
  39. Five Tank, Zerg, AoE Fiasco
  40. RNGing Our Way Through Wind Blast
  41. My Banelings Will Be Your Downfall
  42. A Rough Reenactment Of How Our Screenshot Would Have Gone
  43. This Isn't God Damn Dragonball Z
  44. Two For The Price of One
  45. Macaronia and Valoni Down
  46. I Bet You 100g We Don't See Another Sub-10% Wipe
  47. Callous Disregard
  48. Sure. Go Ahead and Take Four Pieces Of 372 Loot and Leave A Week Later
  49. I'll Pick Up The Spinecrawler This Pull
  50. Other Guilds Draw Letters; We Can Barely Manage A Blob
  51. PTR is Overrated; So Are Normal Modes.
  52. What Boss Are We Supposed To Kill Next?
  53. It's Like A Gay Man Train of AIDS
  54. We Can Make Our Paladins Respec Prot Too
  55. Post-Nerf Kills Are Always So Disappointing
  56. Invisible Raid
  57. Tentacle Disco Party
  58. Triple Penis Mushroom Forest; Definitely Killing It This Pull
  59. Carried By Hunters
  60. Secret Screenshot Strats Revealed
  61. Glyph of Shockwave
  62. So Long, Lonesome