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Thread: Transferable skills - your thoughts?

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    Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Alex (or Yenrai, character name) and I'm currently studying Computer Games Technology at University in England. Let's get straight to the point; I am undertaking a study regarding leadership and management skills within World of Warcraft and trying to determine how useful any transferrable skills developed within the game world could be in the real world.

    Having played World of Warcraft myself since vanilla, I know that Leadership and guild strength is never more apparent than in the more 'hardcore' raiding guilds that play today. As such, I have posted this here because you belong to one of the top 100 English-speaking WoW raiding guilds operating in the world, as of March 2011.

    I would be incredibly grateful if any guild members - especially those with additional responsibilities or leading roles- could take the time to answer a few questions that follow - one or two sentences for each would be fine. Though I won't discourage you to write any more if time will allow! You can either answer in this thread or PM me on the forum - or should you prefer e-mail me directly at I would be INCREDIBLY grateful to hear what you have to say.

    1) Can you specify your role within the guild, and outline any additional responsibilities you have to undertake as part of your role compared to a more casual player?

    2) Do you enjoy the organisational and social aspect that comes with playing in a competitive WoW guild?

    3) How does taking on additional responsibility in a game such as WoW affect your enjoyment of the game?

    4) Would you ever consider listing your in-game achievements (guild leadership or class leading, etc) on your CV/résumé?

    Thanks for your time!

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    You must rub the crystal ball for the answers you seek.

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