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    Hi dudes
    I’m an administrator of website. We wanna make more people know our site, so our team decide to send free 2K WoW gold (us realms only) to the players who have character above level 40. If u want to get the free 2k gold, please mail me at The mail must contain your character's name and which sever are u on. We will sent the gold to u in 48 hours (weekends postpone). One person could get the free gold once only.
    Ps: Please tell me where did u see this when u mail me.
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    Free gold by simply emailing the gmail address? Sounds legit to me. What can possibly go wrong?

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    This is in no way an attempt to collect RealID emails

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    Is it true that you like huge cock?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hecq View Post
    Is it true that you like huge cock?
    Only the largest, yes!

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    I have the hugest cock of them all, but sadly I have yet to level a toon above 40, is there any way we can work something out?

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    I have a feeling that wasn't the original email, given Chira's edit mark. CHIRA STEALING ALL THE GOLD FOR HIMSELF

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